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00:01-00:51Relife Massage Collection
00:51-01:00Mens Collection
01:00-02:31Easy Wear Casual
02:32-02:59The Leisure Show
03:01-05:00Best Sellers
05:01-06:00Mens Summer Collection
06:01-07:00Summer Sandals
07:00-07:18Smart Comfort
07:19-08:00Van Dal
08:01-09:17Comfort Collection
09:18-09:45Spring Pumps
09:46-10:00Smart Spring Collection
10:01-10:18Stylish Sandals
10:18-11:00Smart Collection
11:00-11:45Casual Collection
11:45-12:00Skechers Go Walk
12:01-13:00Summer Sandals
13:01-13:30Fashion Collection
13:31-13:45Sporty Fashion
14:01-14:51Relife Massage Collection
14:51-15:00Mens Collection
15:00-15:32The Fly Flot Show
15:32-16:00Star Rated
16:00-16:45Summer Picks
16:45-17:00Summer Slippers
17:00-17:45Sensational Summer Sandals
17:45-18:00Summer Multi-Buy
18:00-18:31Mens Comfort
18:31-19:00The Leisure Show
19:00-19:45Slippers And Clogs
19:45-20:00Summer Slippers
20:00-20:32The Fly Flot Show
20:32-21:00Star Rated
21:00-21:45Casual Collection
21:45-22:00Skechers Go Walk
22:00-22:45Summer Picks
22:45-23:00Summer Slippers
23:00-23:59Easy Wear Casual
00:00-00:31Easy Wear Casual
00:32-00:59The Leisure Show
01:01-02:00Your Favourites
02:01-02:51Relife Massage Collection
02:51-03:00Mens Collection
03:00-04:00Slippers And Clogs
04:00-04:32The Fly Flot Show
04:32-05:00Star Rated
05:00-05:30Mens Comfort
05:30-06:00The Leisure Show
06:01-07:04Mens Summer Collection
07:04-08:00Summer Picks
08:01-08:51Relife Massage Collection
08:51-09:00Mens Collection
09:01-10:00Summer Sandals
10:00-10:32The Fly Flot Show
10:32-11:00Star Rated
11:00-11:18Smart Comfort
11:19-12:00Van Dal
12:00-12:04Jessicaby Pavers
12:04-13:00Sensational Summer Sandals
13:00-13:45Casual Collection
13:45-14:00Skechers Go Walk
14:01-14:30Fashion Collection
14:31-14:45Sporty Fashion
15:01-16:17Comfort Collection
16:18-16:45Spring Pumps
16:46-17:00Smart Spring Collection
17:01-17:18Stylish Sandals
17:18-18:00Smart Collection
18:01-19:00Summer Sandals
19:01-20:00Comfort Collection
20:01-21:00Mens Summer Collection
21:01-22:59Best Sellers
23:00-23:45Slippers And Clogs
00:00-00:32The Fly Flot Show
00:32-01:00Star Rated
01:01-03:00Best Sellers
03:00-04:00Summer Picks
04:00-04:45Casual Collection
04:45-05:00Skechers Go Walk
05:01-06:02Comfort Collection
06:02-06:31Mens Comfort
06:31-07:00The Leisure Show
07:01-07:18Stylish Sandals
07:19-08:00Smart Collection
08:01-09:04Summer Sandals
09:04-10:00Sensational Summer Sandals
10:01-10:51Relife Massage Collection
10:51-11:00Mens Collection
11:00-11:32The Fly Flot Show
11:32-12:00Star Rated
12:01-13:17Comfort Collection
13:18-13:45Spring Pumps
13:46-14:00Smart Spring Collection
14:01-15:00Mens Summer Collection
15:01-15:30Fashion Collection
15:31-15:45Sporty Fashion
16:00-16:45Summer Picks
16:45-17:00Summer Slippers
17:00-17:45Casual Collection
17:45-18:00Skechers Go Walk
18:00-18:18Smart Comfort
18:19-19:00Van Dal
19:01-20:00Mens Summer Collection
20:01-21:00Summer Sandals
21:01-22:00Your Favourites
22:01-22:51Relife Massage Collection
22:51-23:00Mens Collection
23:01-23:55Best Sellers
00:01-01:04Best Sellers
01:04-01:45Slippers And Clogs
01:45-02:00Summer Slippers
02:00-02:32The Fly Flot Show
02:32-03:00Star Rated
03:00-04:31Easy Wear Casual
04:32-04:59The Leisure Show
05:01-06:00Mens Summer Collection
06:01-07:00Summer Sandals
07:00-07:18Smart Comfort
07:19-08:00Van Dal
08:01-09:00Comfort Collection
09:00-09:45Casual Collection
09:45-10:00Skechers Go Walk
10:01-10:30Fashion Collection
10:31-10:45Sporty Fashion
11:01-12:00Summer Sandals
12:01-12:51Relife Massage Collection
12:51-13:00Mens Collection
13:00-14:00Sensational Summer Sandals
14:00-14:45Summer Picks
14:45-15:00Summer Slippers
15:01-15:18Stylish Sandals
15:18-15:58Smart Collection
15:58-16:00Laura Vita
16:00-16:45Slippers And Clogs
16:45-17:00Summer Slippers
17:01-18:17Comfort Collection
18:18-18:45Spring Pumps
18:46-19:00Smart Spring Collection
19:00-19:32The Fly Flot Show
19:32-20:00Star Rated
20:01-21:00Your Favourites
21:01-21:51Relife Massage Collection
21:51-22:00Mens Collection
22:00-22:30Mens Comfort
22:30-23:00The Leisure Show
23:00-23:59Easy Wear Casual
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Simmering Summer Shoes and Flattering Sandals

As the sun and warm weather invite you out, now is the time to refresh your summer wardrobe with a new pair of comfortable sandals, shoes or trainers. Whether you are going to the beach or simply having a casual day in the country, a stylish pair of comfortable sandals can make all the difference as you walk amongst the flora and fauna. Of course longer evenings mean exciting nights out so why not try a pair of high heel sandals to add that extra something to your outfit.

  1. Simply gorgeous women's pumps, ideal for the spring and summer months.

    Pretty Pumps This Summer

    Simply gorgeous women's pumps, ideal for the spring and summer months.

  2. Flot Flot anatomic shoes, comfortable yet stylish.

    Fly Flot Boots, Slippers & Shoes

    They're shock absorbing and even anti-slip with a sole that moulds to your feet.

  3. Find the ideal accessory for your outfit with our range of ladies bags.

    Accessorise This Summer

    Find the ideal accessory for your outfit with our range of ladies bags.

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    Find out how Anatomic sole make our shoes so comfortable. The shape of the sole is pre–formed to follow the natural foot anatomy, ensuring proper support and maximum comfort.

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    The first shoes were made more than 4,000 years ago and consisted of a single piece of rawhide that wrapped around the foot to provide warmth and protection.